“I have seen the dramatic results when using C20 as part of an after-care program for newly planted trees.  This product is quickly becoming an integral option when deciding on standards of care for our trees.”

​-  Heather White, Manager, Grounds Department, Kent State University, Kent , OH

"C20 treatments are a wonderful add-on service that compliments any of our lawn programs well. We love how easy it is to schedule and service our customers and our clients love the results it provides”.

Garrett Anderson, Certified Horticulturist, FertiLawn, Minneapolis, MN.


"We have incorporated C20 into our lawn care program.  Our customers are amazed that they are now able to have a great lawn in areas where it previously would not grow.”

Robert Boehm, Lawn Care Manager, Quiet Village Landscaping, St. Louis, MO.

"We have been using the C20 product in our new landscape installations for about a year and have notice a reduction in plant loss resulting in less warranty claims”.

Karl J. Shottler, President, Paramount Landscape, Inc., Kansas City, KS.

"A game changing new industry standard. (We) will never plant another tree, shrub, or perennial without it again."

Thomas Badon, Landscape Sales Manager, Southview Design Group, Saint Paul, MN

"As with any new product I was skeptical, but C20 has quickly proven itself. After seeing results in our landscape installations we quickly began incorporating it into our turf program. We saw dramatic improvements in trouble areas with heavy shade and drainage issues. We now use C20 during sod applications as well as with fall aeration and overseeding. It's an amazing product!!! ”

Matt Kettler, Field Supervisor, Meyer Landscaping, St. Louis, MO.

"We treated six very stressed mature bur oaks with C20.  The trees were in decline with multiple dead branches, foliar chlorosis and wilting leaves. When we examined the trees the following spring, we observed that the trees had stopped dying back and all the new foliage looked vigorous. We now use C20 on many of our sites."

-  Jim Ostvig, President, Ostvig Tree Care, Wayzata, MN.

"This is our first year incorporating C-20 in with seasonal annual installation protocol, and the flowers absolutely loved it!

Doug Beckmann, General Manager, M&P Landscaping, St. Louis, MO.

"Rather than replace declining spruce in a one-year-old planting we used C20 on the trees to be removed. Within one season the trees recovered and saved us the money and headache of buying, removing and replanting"

- Todd Otterness, Owner, T&B Lawncare, Alexandria, MN.