At Precision Organics we use theoretical research to design our products and empirical research to experimentally test our products.  Every product is tested for soil and plant response in the laboratory and is further examined in the field through multiple experiments in different locations with varying types of soil conditions.  Only when we know that it works will we begin marketing the products.  You can be assured that every marketing claim has been evaluated and validated by our research.

Scientific Validation

Our Current Research is focused on product development and refinement.  As we examine our products in research trials we often find results that surprise us and lead us in different directions.  Our Current Research page highlights our continuing investigations.  We also document some of the unique traits of soil building and plant health that we've uncovered through our various product trials.

The Foundational Research that drives our Mission has been produced over many years by many scientists at many different locations.  That research has been instrumental in our development of soil building products.  The list of these publications are included in our Background Research page with links to the pdfs of the research.

Precision Organics was founded on the idea that products in the green industries need to be studied scientifically to assure that their performance matches their marketing.  Especially in the “organics” sector it is very important to show actual data about performance and the mechanisms that impact that performance.  Precision Organics scientists have been working for over 20 years to identify the mechanistic impacts of soil microorganisms on soil building, root growth and proliferation, and overall plant health.  We have engaged other scientists and practitioners throughout the United States to examine our products in a variety of situations to determine if, how and why our products work.  It is this continuing commitment to scientific validation that sets us apart from our competition and also let’s us lead the way in the industry with new plant health care technologies.

​​Research is the Cornerstone of Precision Organics

Our Research