A Brief History

Since 1986, we have been developing products and procedures to benefit green industry managers in maintaining healthy and sustainable landscapes.  In the late 1990's,we initiated product development in the areas of organic and natural products to assist with water efficient landscape development.  From 2001 forward, our research has delved into understanding and supporting natural processes that occur in native and managed urban landscapes.  Our goals have been and will always be to use what nature provides to be stewards of processes that are essential to the health and sustainability of lawns and landscapes.  Our C20 product is based on this understanding and 14 years of research that support the effects it has on environmental quality, soil biology, root development, and plant health. 

We identify and create products that work within natural systems to enhance and protect the environment.  All products that we create and sell are validated by research to deliver predictable performance.


Mission & Values

Nature is our partner at Precision Organics.  We utilize natural ecological processes to help landscape managers, designers, architects, installers, lawn care operators, gardeners, urban foresters and naturalists design, develop, and maintain landscapes within specific sustainability parameters.  All of the products we develop for use in urban landscapes recreate what nature has lost through the impacts of human intervention. 

Our Philosophy